Friday, May 8, 2015

Are Fibroids Non Cancerous Tumours?

A massive production of tissues inside the uterus wall in a woman especially before menopause is called fibroid. They are considered as non-cancerous tumour and normally exist in round or semi round shapes. There are no certain reasons that give assurance why these tumours are formed. The different types depend on the location of fibroids. Those are formed on the lining of uterus are Intramural Myomas and they are harmless until they do not grow big in size of a ball. Another type is Subserous Maymos found outside the uterus wall and it is easy to be removed. The third type is the Cervical Fibroids which grows in the neck of the cervix or womb and the last one is Pedunculated Fibroids developed outside the womb but somehow are attached slightly with womb. The body of a female start forming fibroid during the reproductive time between thirties and starting of menopause.

Symptoms are not Always Obvious

However, in there are not obvious symptoms of having this problem. Some may experience slight pain during intercourse, heavy bleeding and achy periods. Heavy bleeding in women is basic reason for blood deficiency medically terms anaemia. The size and position of fibroid can cause different diseases such as pelvic pain, frequent urination, and pressure on rectum during excretion with pain. It is also assumed that they can cause infertility in women or create complications in pregnant women but fibroids have less risk of infertility in most women. If they are not grown up to big size, they can be left untreated but continuous growth is a considerable issue and need assistance of professionals.

Diagnoses Tools

For making diagnoses, the pelvic examination programs are used. Ultrasound, MRI and CT scans are other important tools in this regard.

Surgical & Non Surgical Treatment Methods

There are many ways to manage and cope up with this problem; however, surgery is considered to be the most suitable treatment to get rid of fibroids. Hysterectomy Surgery is one method in which the uterus is removed completely while Mayomectomy is the other surgical treatment in which only the fibroid is taken away. These surgeries also depend upon desire of a woman to have a baby or not.  These surgeries decrease the chances of pregnancy. Unfortunately there is no home remedy to tackle with this problem. If not prior to opt for the surgical treatment, some medical treatments can also be made to handle the fibroids. The drugs that reduce the functions of estrogens are given to the patient. This medication lasts 3 to 6 months which results in low estrogens state. Once the medication is competed it helps the fibroids in shrinking.

Various Complications especially for Pregnant Women

It is said that fibroids create various complications to the pregnant women such as they can cause of heavy bleeding in the starting trimester, or can cause a cesarain, pain full labour or breech babies.

For the prevention of fibroids, it is necessary not to gain weight after the age of eighteen or it should not exceed from the desired height's weight. Weight of body doubles the function of estrogens in terms of pro ducting more estrogens hormones. Overweight can be handled with easy exercises which will help in low production of estrogens that cause fibroid growth. Although, it is the matter of personalized pleasing, It is essential to have awareness that fibroid are non-cancerous.

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